Guest Post #5 – Courtney from South Carolina, USA tells us about her Book Read ‘Round the World Experience

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Guest Post #5
Courtney from the USA

Lynda at My Reading List has received her package from Courtney so now it’s time to post Courtney’s guest post about her Book Read ‘Round the World experience! After you read this post, make sure you go check out Courtney’s blog, Stiletto Storytime. Courtney is currently participating the A to Z Challenge and just recently posted her “Z” book. Lynda also has a wonderful blog with an eclectic mix of reviews and her thoughts about reading. Make sure you head to her blog, My Reading List to check out her reviews. She reads everything from David Mitchell to Stephen King!

*If you haven’t already entered the Book Read ‘Round the World Giveaway. It’s international and includes a signed copy of The Lunatic Express by Carl Hoffman and two pairs of origami earrings made by my cousin. The giveaway closes in just a few days, October 1, so make sure that you enter! 


Hello, this is Courtney. I am an American book blogger from South Carolina, which is located on the southeastern coast of the United States.  I am a former librarian turned stay at home Mom, book reviewer and freelance writer.  For almost four years now I have been blogging about books at Stiletto Storytime. It’s seen me through my early librarian years and into motherhood and the many steps in between. I review just about everything from picture books to adult fiction. Special topics that often come up at Stiletto Storytime include libraries, classical literature and Jane Austen.  However I really think that there is something for everyone at Stiletto Storytime. My goal is simple…to match people to a book they will enjoy and therefore promote reading no matter the age.

From Iris in the Netherlands

   I have been so blessed to be a part of Book Read Round’ the World. I was lucky enough to be receiving a package from Iris at Iris on Books whom I had some knowledge of in the blogging and the Twitter world. I was so excited to get my box. I have been to the Netherlands unfortunately it was only a two hour layover in Amsterdam on my way to India so I was unable to leave the airport. When the package came my husband and I both eagerly opened it to find such well thought out gifts.  Iris read my blog and knew I have a one year old son who loved to “read” so she focused many of her gifts on children’s literature from the Netherlands which was perfect not only for my son but for me as a children’s librarian as well. Miffy will be well loved for a long time to come! Iris also sent a postcard telling me about her country and some droppies…. which my mother-in-law loved. (Sorry I must admit I hate licorice but I did try them!).  Thanks again Iris!

For Lynda in Australia

After opening Iris’ wonderful gifts I began to think what could I send to Lynda in Australia? After some research I learned Lynda enjoys just about everything! She loves to cook and that seemed perfect. The South is famous for our cooking and while I could not send her any delicacies such as shrimp and grits or chicken bog, I did send some family recipes. Lynda now has Southern family recipes for Chicken Bog and Boiled Peanuts as well as information on their origin and traditions.  I also included some playing cards from our recent visit to Hilton Head, which is a lovely island right off the coast. I wrote Lynda a postcard about South Carolina and our symbol of the palmetto tree.  Other items I included were a Palmetto koozie, drink coaster and University of South Carolina key chain. I live in Columbia, South Carolina home of the University and state capital. I also got my undergraduate degree in English Literature and a Masters in Library and Information Science there.  As I looked at my assembled package I realized it looks like I am lush but ah well…it was interesting to try and find things that were shippable and not too heavy for postage! I hope Lynda will enjoy them.

Questions I was asked

1. What is the thing you are most proud about when it comes to where you live?

I am very proud to be a southerner born and bred.  I have traveled all over the world but there is just something about the South and its people and heritage. We are as friendly as they come, polite and we appreciate the simple things in life. Good food, a glass of sweet tea, family and friends…that’s what we love. I’m also very proud to be an American and to enjoy my freedom and to always remember those who gave their lives to make that possible.

2. Which sites would you show your blogging friends if they were to visit and why?

Well, we would have to go to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. My two favorite southern cities that are alive with the South of today and the traditions and history of the past. We could also head to the beach…I suggest Hilton Head, Isle of Palms or Folly Beach. And of course we would have to eat at some of my favorite Southern restaurants…that’s what we do when we like you in the South…..we feed you!

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