Hyperion - The Detective's Tale and The Consul's Tale (BEWARE!! Some spoilers included)

The past few days I read more on Hyperion. I finished the book last night! It was kind of a bunch of different kinds of science fiction all wrapped into one. I really enjoyed the book and all the different tales.

The Detective's Tale is about Brawne Lamia. She is a detective that becomes a bodyguard to one of the clients in her story. Don't worry...it does relate to the Shrike just as each story does! The Detective's Tale was more cyber punk-y than the other ones. Reading it reminded me a little of the beginning of Neal Stephenson's, The Diamond Age and the movie A.I. (with Haley Joel Osment). At times it was a little difficult to read because of my limited science fiction technology knowledge, but overall I really enjoyed it. It also brought a little bit of a biblical savior type story to the book which I found interesting. Dan Simmons weaves religion into the book in an interesting way.

The Consul's Tale was the last tale of the book. This tale was supposed to answer all our questions right?!! Wrong! It answered some, left some unanswered, and left me with a smile on my face. The Consul's Tale tells a relationship with a woman, dolphins that speak with humans, and a rebel war. All I can say after I finished The Consul's Tale was that now I need to read the next book in the series.

I think my book club is going to be upset with me for choosing this book because there isn't a neat end to it. Who knows though. They may love it. Time will tell! I really enjoyed it overall. It was one of the better science fiction books I've read (although I haven't read very many). I like that Dan Simmons was so versatile that he was able to write very distinct tales with relative ease. I really liked the character development and the progression of the story. I definitely recommend it any science fiction reader. It might be a little much if you are wanting to try out the science fiction genre, but it's still a great read.

The Dark Wind

From time to time, I really enjoy a quick mystery novel. Tony Hillerman's are some of my favorites because he writes about the area I am from. Two days ago I picked up his book The Dark Wind so I'd have something to read at the doctor's office while I got my allergy shots (three hours and eight shots in all...I have to pass the time somehow).

Sitting in the office reading between my shots, I got totally lost in his descriptions of the land and the weather in the area. I have no plans to ever move back to New Mexico, but reading his descriptions of the rain in the summer made me really miss home. I do miss the dry dirt and seeing rain evaporate before it hits the ground. I miss the smell of the rain when it does fall. Nothing like a little Tony Hillerman to give me my desert fix!

The story itself was fun to read. The story takes place mostly in Arizona (but New Mexico is also in it) and is about a plane crash, a vandalized windmill, and a drug deal gone wrong. Jim Chee is alone in this mystery (his other character, Joe Leaphorn wasn't in it) and is caught up in a web of mystery of who has continually been vandalizing a windmill and its link to a plane crash that happened in the area. Although Chee is tribal police and shouldn't be involved in the plane crash investigation because it appears to have been a drug deal gone wrong, he continues to investigate all these crimes.

It was a fun, quick read. I read it in less than 24 hours. Someday I'll get through all Tony Hillerman's books because I think they depict New Mexico pretty well. It gives me just the right dose of mystery and home all in one package!

Hyperion - The Poet's Tale and The Scholar's Tale

I knew that The Poet's Tale would challenge me. The poet, Martin Silenus is a brash and foul-mouthed man who is a renowned poet. His tale was somewhat difficult to read because I really didn't like him that much, but in the end I see his purpose as a pilgrim in the book.

The Scholar's Tale was incredible. It was probably the most thoughtful of the four tales I've read so far. Sol Weintraub is a professor who's pilgrimmage (like the other pilgrims) is deeply personal. To me, it has been the most emotional of the tales thus far.

I like that the tales are all so distinct from one another. I think Dan Simmons is definitely a gifted writer.

I purposely don't write too much about the book in case anyone who reads this ever decides to pick up the book and give it a go. I don't want to give away too many details and ruin the story for anyone. I will say that of the few science fiction books I've read, this is probably the best one. I am thankful that I asked a man in Barnes and Noble what authors he liked because this was his suggestion. The book has been unbelievably good so far and really thoughtful as well.

Hyperion - The Soldier's Tale

I just finished reading The Soldier's Tale in Hyperion. Wow....I am not sure what to say about it. I am a little nervous at what my book club is going to think of this tale. It tells Colonel Kassad's story of why he is one of the chosen to embark on the pilgrimage to find the Shrike. The tale includes war, his love for a woman that is a mystery to him, and ends with a cliffhanger as to how the other pilgrims are affected by his story.

I will say that if you do choose this book for a book club, there are some graphic violent scenes and graphic sex scenes in this tale. However, in my opinion, the last two pages of the tale made all the back story worth the read.

Up next...The Poet's Tale. I will try to read that tomorrow or Monday. I am really impressed with the book so far--especially since I'm not a huge hard core science fiction reader (I have read much more fantasy).

Hyperion - Dan Simmons

A few years ago, I started a book club with some friends. Every time we meet, we discuss a book that someone in the group chose and then introduce the next choice. Every person in the group gets to pick the book of their choice--no limitations. This time around it was my choice. So far, no one has chosen a Science Fiction book so I asked for recommendations at Barnes and Noble and chose Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

The book won the Hugo Award in 1990 and is about a group of pilgrims that go to the planet Hyperion to confront and find the answers to the riddles of their lives. Mixed in with this is a mysterious being called The Shrike whom some worship, others fear, and some want to destroy (paraphrased from the back of the book).

The book has a Canterbury Tales feel to it with each pilgrim sharing their own personal story.

I am about 100 pages into the book and REALLY enjoying it so far. I've read the first tale (The Priest's Tale) which was amazing! I'll write more as soon as I finish the book.

Trying a New Thing...

After giving it some thought, I decided to start a blog about the things I am reading. I have always enjoyed reading, but this year I have been reading like crazy and have decided that I would like to continue this. Hopefully this little blog will help me along the way to continue reading at a faster than snail pace.

So far, I have read 27 books this year. I started Book #28 yesterday.
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