52 in 52!

Rachel from And the Plot Thickens invited me to do 52 in 52 with her this year. What is this, you ask? According to Rachel, it's a mini-bucket list of sorts. Fifty-two realistic goals to complete in a year. I need to get back to blogging so I decided to join her and put this up on my blog.

Here is my list (in progress):

1. Go to Carlsbad Caverns
2. Ride in a hot air balloon
3. Stop biting my cheeks - I stopped for over a year and stress has me back at it again. I feel ashamed.
4. Read 20 books this year - I know this is an abysmal goal, but I'm starting grad school this Spring and working full-time in another city. I am just hoping to hit the 20 book mark this year.
5. Do the pottery class I bought on Groupon

6. Complete The Count of Monte Cristo Read-a-Long with Lydia from The Literary Lollipop
7. Get an A in my first grad school course
8. Take the Salesforce.com Administrator exam and pass
9. Take a vacation somewhere...a real vacation--not just a weekend away in NM somewhere
10. Take advantage of the massage Groupon that I received for my birthday

11. Do some kind of arts and crafts with my nieces
12. Start blogging again on a more regular basis
13. Buy a more comfortable bed.
14. Get a new passport.
15. Finish my unfinished books from 2011 - I have never had so many books left unfinished as I did last year. It's embarrassing.

16. Do a weekend away in New Mexico or SW Colorado.
17. Go storm chasing with my weather friend!
18. Cook five meals this year.
19. Watch one DVD Netflix movie every month.
20. Have a nice dinner with my dad.

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