Fool Moon – Jim Butcher

Book: Fool Moon (Book 2 - The Dresden Files)
Author: Jim Butcher
Publisher: New American Library/ROC Fantasy
342 pages
My Rating: 4/5 stars

foolmoon[1] Fool Moon is the continuing adventures of wizard Harry Dresden. In this second book of The Dresden Files, Harry finds himself idly waiting for the Special Investigations unit of the Chicago Police to call him as a consultant. He doesn’t have to wait long because a gruesome murder has been committed in Chicago that screams supernatural. Suspicious paw prints are found at the scene and Karrin Murphy calls on Harry to help her solve the crime. Little does Harry know that his reputation also makes him a person of interest in the case. While holding off Karrin Murphy’s Special Investigation unit Harry must stop what he suspects might be a bloodthirsty pack of werewolves from wreaking further havoc on the city.

Harry Dresden might be one of my favorite characters in urban fantasy. He’s snarky but good-hearted and has a great sense of humor to boot. Fool Moon picks up where Storm Front left off. Harry is hanging out at his favorite pub, McAnally’s when a woman asks him for help in deciphering some symbols from a circle she has seen. No sooner does Harry finish talking to the woman than Karrin Murphy appears and tells him about a case that needs the services of Chicago’s only practicing wizard. It only takes two pages in the book for the action to start. Murphy tells takes Harry to the scene of a brutal murder where the person has been torn to shreds and strange paw prints are all over. Harry learns that this strange murder is not the first and that the FBI has become involved. Harry goes home to Bob, one of the coolest spirits on the planet and asks for his help. What he learns is that the paw prints can belong to more than just werewolves which doesn’t bode well for Harry.

This book is no different from Storm Front. It’s fun and action packed and Harry Dresden is still spot on with his humor. I really enjoyed just about every moment of this book while reading it and can’t wait to move onto the next book. I loved the werewolf mythology (I have no idea if it’s accurate or just a creation of Jim Butcher’s mind) and the continuing banter between Murphy and Harry. There is also another familiar character that returns in this book. Marcone, the shady gangster is heavily involved in the plot. I was a little sad that Bob didn’t have more of a role in the book than he did. I kept waiting for Harry to have more interaction with him, but it never happened. Bob is hilarious and I hope that Butcher gives him more of a role in the later books.

I can’t wait to move on to the third book in the series, Grave Peril. These books read really fast and are great if you are needing a break from more serious reads or just from life in general. They are especially good reads with Halloween just around the corner so if you are looking for fast moving urban fantasy that is high on fun and thrills, definitely pick up Fool Moon. I will say that it is best to read the first book in the series (Storm Front) before you read this one, but if you decide to start here you won't be lost.

**Notice of Disclosure: I received this copy of Storm Front from Penguin Books.
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