Event Update! The Book Read 'Round the World

UPDATE! Book Read 'Round the World
Promoting a worldwide book blogging community and cultural awareness

I just wanted to let everyone know, that the sign up for The Book Read 'Round the World event is still open. I have North American, European, and Oceania participants that have already signed up, but I am still looking for some more participants from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. If you are a book blogger and are interested in participating, please sign up for the event.

I have also decided that the book chosen will have to be travel related since the book we choose will be taking a worldwide journey.

I would like to have all the participants chosen by the end of next week (June 26) so that I can purchase the book and get the event started.

Are you on the fence about signing up? READ THIS!

I am also working with an author to get a signed copy of his book to give away to one lucky participant! I will announce the book and author when things are finalized.

Read below for event details and the sign-up link:

This is roughly how it will work:

  • I will purchase (up to) two brand new, shiny paperback books that we choose as a group (they must be travel related since our book will be taking a worldwide journey)
  • I'll read the book within 1-2 weeks (no War and Peace length books of course) and send it on to the next person on my randomized list
  • The package sent must include: the book -AND- a local treat of some sort that cannot be found anywhere else (it can be something as simple and cheap as a postcard or bookmark, or could also be more expensive like a book by a local author or something like that)
  • Before you send the book onto the next person, you must sign the inside cover with the name of your City/Province(State)/Country
  • Write two facts on a piece of paper about your City/Province(State)/Country -AND- two questions about the person's City/Province(State)/Country you are sending on to. Include the facts and questions in the package you mail. 

So you are interested in joining?!!
  • To participate you must be willing to pay international postage to send the package onto the next person 
  • Commit yourself to finishing the book within a reasonable period of time (no longer than 1-2 weeks). 
  • Review the book on your blog and write up a post about the experience for my blog (you can also post the experience on your blog). Don't worry, it will be a short post (What you received in the package including the facts the previous reader sent you, a short summary of your thoughts on the book, and where the book is headed next)
Because it takes time to read a book and then have it mailed to another country, the group will have to be small so if there is a lot of interest I may have multiple groups (with the option for a different book). 

This event is also open on a limited basis to U.S. book bloggers, but the goal is to get bloggers from all over the world to participate so only a few U.S. bloggers will be chosen. If you are interested in joining or helping in any way, please fill out the form or send me an e-mail at carin.buffington[at]gmail[dot]com. 

Click Here to Sign Up! (signups are closed)

Please also leave a comment on what book(s) you think would be good for this event.

Book Suggestions


Anonymous said...

Hee, I recently gave Lost on PLanet China to a friend who'll be working in a Chinese guesthouse for 6 months! It got great reviews :)

Carin B. said...

It looks like a fun book. I've been trying to find books that will be fun, quick, and possibly have an author that is not from the U.S. I think two of the books I listed are from non-U.S. authors (although the author of Lost on Planet China lives in the U.S. now I think). Hopefully I'll have enough variety of people to choose a book and get it ordered next week!

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