Bloggiesta Update #3 - Crossing off the List Pt. 2

It's Day 2 of Bloggiesta and wow....did I take a lot of time on some things today. I actually didn't expect to spend so much time on my business card task, but I found a website called Zazzle that has fantastic business cards and bookmarks that you can customize for a fairly decent price. I spent many hours just working on my design which left less time in the day for things I should be doing--namely, writing backup posts. Oh well, it was fun to play graphic artist for the day and let my OCD get the best of me.

Here are the things I accomplished:

  • I created a button for Shelfari that links to my Shelfari page (it's on the right hand sidebar near my Twitter button)
  • I came up with an event primarily for bloggers outside the U.S. that will be a globetrotting book event (it will start in the U.S. though). Look for a post this upcoming week about it if you are a blogger from a country outside the U.S.
  • I designed both a business card and a bookmark. Thanks to my fellow blogger/Twitter friends for looking at my bookmark, and a special thank you to Judith at Leeswammes' Blog for looking over my business card.
  • I wrote a blog post ("Could Not Detect a Feed for This URL?!!"--That's Right, I Finally Figured Out How to Fix It!)about the RSS Autodisovery Fix for broken RSS Feeds. Thank you to Pete Freitag whose post helped me fix my RSS Feed that had been broken since February 2010.
  • I wrote part one of a two part post about my trip to Fredericksburg, TX in April for Hugh Ambrose's signing of his book, The Pacific. I will post it in the morning!
  • I entered my first mini-challenge: Bloggiesta Day Two --The Surprise Mini Challenge (I've decided that free-spirited people have more fun so I took a silly picture).
  • Got both a gravicon and a favicon
  • Found a guest blogger--Judith, from Leeswammes' Blog--to do a guest post on my blog. If you would like to do a guest post, just leave a comment and let me know! I'm pretty open about topics!

Still on my To Do List:
  • Write a few backup posts
  • Continue brainstorming on a series post that is not meme related

Mood Music
For your daily listening pleasure, I've chosen "Hey Baby Que Paso" by the Texas Tornados. Oh man....this brings back memories. My brother's band used to sing this all the time when I was growing up! Love it! Also, check out Suey's Bloggiesta Updates on her blog, It's All About Books...and life's other adventures too! She features a Nelly Furtado/Josh Groban song and an Enrique Iglesias song. I've listened to both MULTIPLE times on her blog!


Sarah said...

I am from San Antonio. I use to listen to this song all the time, at every wedding, every party while we dance across the floor. Oh how I miss Texas!

Carin B. said...

@Sarah - I'm from New Mexico originally, but I live in Austin now. I am loving Bloggiesta because I'm looking on YouTube for all the music I grew up listening to! What other songs did you grow up listening to?

Rikki said...

I will be coming back now and check for your international event. Can't wait to see what you came up with.
It's strange but it seems favicons don't show in Chrome, but fine in IE.
Haha, back up posts. So far I haven't done any....Have a great Sunday!

Lisa said...

You've been busy! I feel like a slacker now.

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