Bloggiesta Wrap-Up Post: Crossing the Finish Line

It's the last day of Bloggiesta. I'm a little torn--I've loved every moment of this weekend. I've met so many new bloggers through Twitter and have even got help from Vanessa at Book Soul Mates in making my first form for my Book Read 'Round the World Event. I don't think I've ever spent such an extended period of time on my blog (other than when I first set it up) so I feel like I've really accomplished quite a bit this weekend.

The only things I had left on my To Do List I accomplished today. The only two items left were:

  • Write a few backup posts
  • Continue brainstorming on a series post that isn't meme related
In regards to my backup posts, I feel like I sort of failed. I didn't write very many (only two which I actually plan on publishing this week), but I have thought a lot about other topics that I can write additional posts about and use for the future. Let's just hope I keep on task and follow through on it!

If you are interested in seeing my other accomplishments, please go to my previous posts about the Bloggiesta event:
There was one thing that was an EPIC FAIL for me -- keeping track of my time. I have no idea how many hours I spent on the event. It was a lot! I spent most of the weekend working on things. Most of them won't be readily noticeable either. I also still have a mental To Do List that I would like to continue working on before the next Bloggiesta because I am SO doing this again!

Thanks goes out to Natasha at Maw Books Blog for hosting Bloggiesta and all the other mini-challenge hosts for all their work to make Bloggiesta a success! It was a great event and made me feel really excited about blogging!

I can't leave off without any mood music, so here it is...a couple of songs for you to enjoy the end of Bloggiesta. The first is Los Lobos' version of La Bamba, the second is Los Lonely Boys' song Heaven, and the third is the best version of Volver, Volver I could find on YouTube (Los Lobos does an awesome one, but there were no good videos on YouTube). Enjoy!

Mood Music


leeswammes said...

Hi Carin. Well done for finishing the Bloggiesta!

One tip: that mental to-do list, write it down, today, before you forget.

I also wrote fewer advance posts than I planned but gee, haven't we been busy with our blog in other ways? I think it should become a habit to write in advance, rather than doing that just one weekend in June. :-)

Becky said...

Looks like you did a great job. I didn't really write any posts this time around, but spent most of my time fixing blog issues.

I'm glad I could find your blog this way!

Sarah said...

Volver, Volver brings be back to Texas! I actually miss listening to that song on the radio. And I love Heaven by Los Lonely Boys.

I didn't get to write any posts. I just fixed some past posts.

Bloggiesta was fun!

Carin B. said...

@leeswammes - Thanks for the tip. I was thinking that myself. I used to have a great memory, but something happened in my late 20s and now I'm lucky if I remember my name! :)

@Becky - Oh fixing blog issues. Isn't that the worst?!! When you fix them it feels so vindicating though--and makes you feel smart! Glad you were able to get so much done for Bloggiesta. Will go check out your blog!

@Sarah - Oh I know. I love Volver, Volver. My family sings it at just about every get together. I like Los Lobos version best, but this one was the highest quality one that I liked...and it was hysterically funny! I love Los Lonely Boys too. They come to Austin quite a bit and I have a goal to see them at some point!

Rita said...

I love the three video selections for today. Exactly my taste in music especiall Los Lonely Boys!

Rikki said...

I only discovered the secret of forms in blog posts myself yesterday when I set up a giveaway. Aren't they awesome?

I can totally relate on the backup posts (or rather the lack of them). I did only one myself.

Still, you got a lot done and this is all that counts.

Carin B. said...

@Rita - I'm so glad you liked the music! Are you a fan of Los Lonely Boys or is that the first time you've heard them? What is your blog address?

@Rikki - I love Google Docs! I had no idea you could do forms on them. Very cool!

gnoegnoe said...

Hee, I see leeswammes already told you what I wanted to impress on you: write the list down!
1) otherwise you'll forget stuff
2) you'll have room in your head to *do* stuff

Don't feel bad that you lost track of time; it's the least important thing! You accomplished a lot and thought of something really original (the event -- going to check it out in a minute)!

I believe most people didn't get to write their, or as many posts they had wanted to. It's the big stumble block ;) I know it's always taking me much more time than I think (so much that I'm embarrassed about it).

It was fun meeting you in the bloggiesta!

Shelley (Book Clutter) said...

I am horrible at keeping track of time on these things! I've just learned to estimate.
I've never done back up posts in the few years I've been blogging. I'm not sure if I will start doing it or not.
Glad you had fun!

Carin B. said...

@Shelley - I wasn't very good at the backup posts either. It's a good idea though so that when you don't feel like updating your blog you can just hit the post button for one you've already written.

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