Wrap Up Post: Unputdownables 48 Hour Read-a-Thon

Well, the 48 Hour Read-a-Thon is over. Wallace at Unputdownables.net put on a great show! I had lots of fun tweeting with my fellow read-a-thoners, cheering people on at their blogs, and having people stop by my blog to cheer me on.

Check out some of the bloggers that participated in the 48 Read-a-Thon and checked out my blog this weekend. Some of these people were new to me, and have now joined my must-see blog lists. They are great people!
  • Vasilly at 1330V - Vasilly read a beautiful looking graphic novel called Flight, Volume 6
  • Rikki at The Bookkeeper - Rikki read Gods Behaving Badly (click link to read her review)
  • Kemendraugh at Just a Good Book -  Kemendraugh read The Good Neighbors, Book 1 and started The Unseen Academicals
  • Trish at Love, Laughter, and Insanity - Trish didn't read in the read-a-thon, but she was consistent with her cheering for the group on Twitter and on update posts! I love her! Help cheer her on through her reading of The Brothers Karamazov (click to read her post).
  • Coffee and a Book Chick - She stopped by a few times to cheer me on! Also, her dad is Ernest Hemingway (well, not really, but he looks A LOT like him). Check out this LINK to decide for yourself.
  • Leeswammes' Blog - One of my best cheerleaders this weekend. I love Miss Leeswammes! She runs Book Bloggers' Abroad every Thursday on her blog. It's helped me find quite a few new bloggers.
  • Constance Reader - She tackled North and South this weekend. Oh John Thornton...you angry, but sexy man..."Look back at me!" (I really only know the movie, but yes...I swooned)
  • Lily from Never Fading Wood - She dropped by to tell me to try French press coffee. I have put it on my list of things to try!
  • Scrabblequeen - Dropped by to cheer me on and admit her tea snobbery. Scrabblequeen is a fantastic knitter and and Anne McCaffrey fan!
  • Chachic at Chachic's Book Nook - I have Chachic to thank for pushing me to read Magic Bites this weekend. It was fantastic! She's a Filipino blogger that is my partner in hilarity on Twitter. She also runs the Filipino Book Bloggers Directory
  • Bahnree from I am, therefore I write - She read a Geek's Guide to World Domination and The Historian (one of my favorites from the last few years). 
  • Fiona from The Book Coop - Oh Fi...one of my favorite bloggers out there. I love her Friday Coffee Chat comments. She has some serious funny going on! She read The Housekeeper and the Professor.
  • Reese from Bibliophile Girl - She read the book I am most interested in from all the blogs I checked this weekend, The Know-it-All. It sounded hilarious!
  • Joy from Edgy Inspirational Romance - Joy had to chose from 58 novels on her Shelfari list! Ack! Well, not so bad considering my TBR shelf has over 100 books on it. 
  • Wallace from Unputdownables.net - Our wonderful host for this event. She worked so hard and commented on so many blogs. She also spent lots of tweety time with all of us. How did she get any reading done? Well she did! Lots of it! Amazing.
My thanks goes out to all of you for cheering me on this weekend! It really did help. I know there were people on Twitter that cheered me on as well, so thanks to all of you as well! Please check out some of these blogs. It's a varied bunch so I'm sure is at least one blog here that is something you'd like and is new to you!

Here is my final tally for the weekend:
  • One book read cover to cover - Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
  • Half of Book 4 and half of Book 5 of Middlemarch read
  • Started The Tricking of Freya by Christina Sunley
  • One lost key to my neighbor's house that is possibly making its way through one of my dog's digestive tract (I still cannot find it so it's a possibility that Turbo ate it--yes, my dogs do crazy things like that!)
  • Three crazy fun dogs that interrupted my reading frequently but got major love all the same. 
  • Two very awesome cups of iced coffee
  • Many laughs with old and new friends
  • 402 Total Pages Read!!!

Here are the crazies running through the yard!


Chachic said...

Aww thanks for the shout out! I'm so happy you finished reading a book that I recommended. Can't wait to see what you thought of it and for you to read the rest of the series. I'll be cheering for you to read the other three books! :)

And yes to John Thornton! North and South ♥

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Yay congrats Carin on a great and productive and fun Read-a-thon weekend! :-)

Yes the downside of my mini getaway this weekend was that I wasn't able to participate in the social fun of the Read-a-thona nd missed all the Twitter fun :-( Well, hopefully next time I'll be there :-)

It was quite a productive Read-a-thon weekend for me too, you can see about it here.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

It was a great read-a-thon, wasn't it?! No pressure...just some great reading and blogger camaraderie. Can't wait until the next one. I would like to read Middlemarch someday. =O)

Denise said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your experience. It was great "meeting" you on #bookblogchat.

Leeswammes said...

Glad you've done some good reading during the ReadAThon! From what I could see, it was fun all around.

Your #1 cheerleader. :-)

Wallace said...

So cool of you to highlight the blogs, Carin! Also, LOVE the dog video... no wonder you were so distracted, haha! Good thing you have a yard for them to run in, could you imagine if you didn't???

Rikki said...

What a wonderful wrap up post, Carin. Awesome. Thanks for linking up to all of us. I don't know how you find the time to do all this.
And look at all the reading you got done!

Carin B. said...

@Chachic - No problem! I love all my blogging friends and appreciated the cheering! I am going to write my review this week, but may not post it until next week. Will let you know.

@Stella - While the tweeting was definitely fun this weekend, I think a vacation would have been even more fantastic so I wouldn't feel sad that you missed it! I went and read and commented on your post earlier today. :)

@Michelle - I definitely loved this read-a-thon. Definitely check out the Middlemarch Read-a-Long at Things Mean A Lot run by @Nymeth. I will say it's a book best read with people rather than on your own. I think they just started so you can join them! I'm reading with The Literary Lollipop (we've been going since June).

@Denise - It was fun meeting you too! I love discovering bloggers that are new to me!

@Leeswammes - You were one of the best cheerleaders! I loved it! You are also in my favorite bloggers list! :)

@Wallace - Oh gosh...I would die without the backyard. As you can see, the backyard doesn't keep them from getting into trouble though. I am having to watch my dog to see if his *ahem* output is normal and may contain a key in a few days. I'm still debating whether or not to call the vet to see if they think it will pass through if he did eat it. Also, I hope I got everyone that left a comment. I enjoyed the cheering and loved the comments so the least I could do was hopefully drum up some traffic for these great blogs!

@Rikki - I have time because I was alone this weekend (no husband--he was out of town) and had an extra dog in the house (was taking care of the neighbor's dog) to keep my monsters busy. I also admit to no job and no kids at this point in time so yeah...I'm trying to feel productive by blogging! LOL! I don't know how all of you are so active with blogging when you have kids, jobs, and reading! All of you amaze me! :)

agirlreads said...

Puppy Love! You did great over the weekend of reading :) Hopefully next time Wallace does a readathon I get to be near a computer :D

Kemendraugh said...

Duuuude I made a list! *victory dance*
This was totally fun. I loved this. And I also love the dogs.
Thanks for making my first readathon awesome, Carin!

Trish said...

Oh Carin--you are too sweet. During Dewey's readathon in the past I'm usually in full cheerleading mode. I learned that it's hard to comment on posts and keep up with twitter from your iphone!! ;)

You did half of book 4 and half of book 5 of Middlemarch? Rock on!! how many books are there total? Can't remember.

Carin B. said...

@Trish - There are 8 books total. OMG...my brain was a pool of Middlemarch goo after Tuesday. I absolutely had to put it down because I felt like I wasn't comprehending anything by the end. I kept having to go back and reread parts! I am definitely downloading the audio for Bros. K. It's the only way I'm getting through Middlemarch with any sort of comprehension before I read the summaries on The Literary Lollipop's blog. Is that sad?!! LOL!

Wallace said...

BTW, Did you "find" the key??

Carin B. said...

@Kemendraugh - Thanks for visiting my blog during the read-a-thon. Your blog was one of my new finds and I'm totally excited about it! I think you have a great blog.

@Wallace - No, we have not found the key. I think that he didn't eat it because he probably would have had it pass by now or gotten really sick. He did however, end up at the e-vet last night because he ate my sock...whole. *sigh* Most expensive sock I ever bought! LOL! (He is none worse for the wear either. He's wreaking havoc as I type this.)

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