The Finish Line - Book Buying Ban is Over!!

I Did It!!! Sort of....

Tara at 25 Hour Books hosts a book buying ban for those of us that have...*ahem*....problems...spendthrifts if you will when it comes to buying books. I joined this book ban last month and managed to not "buy" any books at all, but I did manage to acquire some free books! 

That's right! I acquired four (well, actually six--two are going to be in my IMM post tomorrow) books for free through winning contests on Twitter and having a nice, fellow book blogger mail me a book she was just wanting to give away. I have already read one of the John Steinbeck books so surely that one doesn't count, right?! 

I will DEFINITELY be joining Tara's book buying bans that she hosts in the future. In fact, there's one going on right now! Click HERE to join. I refuse to join for August because that money has been burning a hole in my wallet and I get the shakes when I go near bookstores. You will be happy to know that I went into a bookstore during my book buying ban and didn't buy a book for myself! You should be proud of me....I am! Hehe!

The book buying ban was fairly successful, and I even made a tiny dent in my TBR pile during the month! I'm heading out to the bookstore today to buy a gift for someone, but you never know. I might treat myself to something being almost completely successful in not acquiring any books! I still have a book buying problem. I admit it. I definitely need Tara's help in the future, but not for August! Haha! Good luck to you all who are signing up for the month of August! I will definitely be cheering you on!


Chachic said...

CONGRATULATIONS! :) You pulled it off! I'm not signing up for the book buying ban in August because I need to buy Mockingjay but I will try not to buy other books this month (unless something that I already had reserved suddenly turns up). So far, so good! Haven't bought any books this August so no IMM post for me this week. :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Congrats. I haven't bought a book for over two months...:-) However, like you, I got a few "freebies", mostly loaners in my case. Does it count against me that I have to pay to ship the books back to my friend in PA when I'm done with them?

Fiona said...

Congrats Carin. I went on a 2 month ban but I didn't dent the TBR one bit!!! I don't know how. Anyway, it's just got worse so... no more books this August, September... October, November... gotta get it below 400!

Leeswammes said...

Congratulations, Carin! You did really well. It shows character when you say you won't buy books and you don't. Buy yourself something nice - you deserve it for sure.

I cannot go on a book buying ban in August as I'll be going to England which is THE place for me to acquire books. It's tradition, it's a part of life. :-)

Wallace said...

Way to go, Carin. I am very impressed! You definitely deserve at least one new book with all that saved up money. :)

I will be curious to see which book you choose for your first book "back."

Carin B. said...

@Chachic - You could always join and say that you won't buy anything but Mockingjay! hehe!

@Scrabblequeen - Free doesn't count even if you have to pay for shipping! :)

@Fiona - I think I'll try to do another ban in September but no dice in October because it's my birthday! I'll have to acquire at least one or two!

@leeswammes - I did buy something nice for myself! Two things actually! I'll put it in my IMM post tomorrow.

@Wallace - Oh just like I told Judith above, I bought two things! I was so tempted to tweet about what I found because it was a super find! I'm going to do an IMM post though so you'll have to wait! :P

Rachel said...

We did it! WHOOO! :)

Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

Woot! Congrats on sticking to your goals!!

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