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(Sadly, this awesome Old Salt mailbox is not my real mailbox. I found this on Flickr courtesy of Atelier Teee) book buying ban is over! How did I celebrate you ask? Why I went to a bookstore of course! Don't worry, I didn't go crazy...I just bought two books. One of them happened to be a super awesome and special find that I didn't expect! This is going to be a long post folks so sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy!

First up is not book related, but a contest I won through Most of you have figured out that I am in fact one of of those crazy dog people. When I am old, my crazy dogs will trip me and break my hip thereby making me infirm, but I will still love them. I just recently signed up with Dogster to connect with a friend who is a cat lady (Hello Louby!). The first day I was on, I saw a contest for an Eco Drop Bed from WestPaw Design so I entered not thinking a whole lot about it. Well, last week I got an e-mail from Mary Paoli from Marketing Communications at WestPaw Design saying that I had won the Eco Drop Bed! Turbo and Max received the bed last week and Turbo has laid claim to the bed. Poor Max! He still has to sleep in the laundry basket (which he actually chose himself and still loves). The Eco Drop Bed is made from post-consumer recycled fiber fill--namely 144 plastic bottles! It is an absolutely fluffy and amazing bed with a really nice washable cover. We are probably going to purchase one for Max when he can learn that a bed is not a giant stuffed toy that he can destroy. Thank you West Paw Design! Turbo and Max are being super spoiled by your lovely gift!

(On a side note, Turbo got good use of it on Friday night after we got back from the emergency vet because he decided it would be awesome to run around the yard with my sock and then consume it whole. Yes, you got that right. My dog swallowed a sock whole! I now call him "Raisin Brain" because really, you have to have a brain the size of a raisin to eat a sock!)


Next up is another little contest I won through Twitter that {indie}pendent books did a few weeks ago. Melissa (@indiepride) asked a quiz question about her online bookstore and I was the first to answer correctly. She said the prize was a book of my choice off her online store! I chose Purge by Sofi Oksanen. It sounds like an amazing book, and I can't wait to read it. Melissa is fantastic. She made the win feel even more special by gift wrapping it which I wasn't expecting. She also put in a bookmark from her store and a business card. This made me absolutely think about where I purchase my books, and I have decided to attempt to support independent bookstores as much as humanly possible! The personal touch just convinced me that independent booksellers have a very unique place in the market. They know the books in their inventory well. They either have read them themselves or have employees who are very knowledgeable about the store's products. I've found this to be true at every independent bookshop that I been in. Please make sure you visit Melissa's wonderful online store--if you don't have an independent bookstore near you, you can order from her. She will even special order books for you that she does not have in stock! Please consider her store when you make your next purchase if you are interested in supporting independent booksellers.

Emily (@heynocupcake) from What Book is That? asked if anyone was interested in reading an ARC copy of Freaksville by Kitty Keswick and of course I responded! She was nice enough to ship it to me so I will try to get it read in the next few weeks and get a review up! Be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Last but not least, I went to Book People here in Austin to celebrate the end of my book buying ban. I really didn't intend to buy any books, but well...these were too good to pass up. I was mostly looking for a tote bag for Rikki at The Bookkeeper because we are going to do a tote bag swap (I'll post those pictures later this week). She was nice enough to offer a swap because I've been obsessed with the cool German totes that she took pictures of for the Book Read 'Round the World event. She even did a special blog post for me to show me not just the one she bought for the event, but all of the ones available. Which one do you think I should choose (if she hasn't already chosen one for me)? Anyway, I decided to look at The Passage by Justin Cronin because I noticed that after his book signing event at Book People last month they had a few copies for sale that were signed by him. This sadly was during my book buying ban so I had to pass it up (see how devoted I was to the ban?!!). I went into the store today thinking they were all gone, but I looked at a copy anyway. When I opened the cover....BAM...right there! Signed! Usually Book People labels their signed copies with a sticker on the cover so you know it's signed. This was a super find because it didn't have that sticker, and I also think I got the very last signed copy in the store. Can you say impulse buy?...I can too! Hehehe! I also talked to a very knowledgeable associate about some fantasy and science fiction books and came home with The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch which has been on my TBR list for about a year now. He also recommended some other books for me that I will definitely be going back for once I get my TBR pile down a little bit! All of this from another independent bookstore. Did I mention that I've fallen in love with independent bookstores?!! I think I have! 

Please note that all links in this post go to the stores that I bought/received these books from (except the ARC copy of Freaksville). If you are interested in these books, you can purchase them through the links or go to your own indie bookseller! They will absolutely love you for it.

Click HERE to search for independent booksellers through Indiebound.

What did you get in your mailbox this week? Leave a comment or a link to your post for me!


Dazzling Mage said...

Ooh, Purge does look like a great read! Awesome books this week.

Enjoy! =)

Leeswammes said...

Very interesting and entertaining post, Carin! I read it before breakfast. In fact, breakfast had to wait until I finished reading. Now I'm ready to comment....

You did really well with the book buying ban AND I'm amazed what you are winning. I have the feeling you're winning new things every week or so. Lucky, lucky!

The Passage is a book I also want to read and you're, well, lucky (again) to get the last signed copy! Read it soon and let us know what it's like. I ordered my copy from the library (they have it on order from the distributors so when I get it, it will be a new, unread copy! That's lucky, too).

Rikki said...

The Passage, how exciting you were bale to get a signed copy! They probably forgot the label and that's why nobody picked it up. Great!
Locke Lamora, I think we have lying around here in the depths of our shelves. Never read it though.
About independent book stores, I know this is so much nicer to have a personal contact with people who actually know what they are selling, but as I explained before, it's not so easy over here when you want non-German books. But I did plan on going to our indie book shop in my quarter and have a look around during my vacation.

No, I haven't chosen a bag for you yet, so you still have time to let me know which one you want.

booksploring said...

Wow! What a great week in books you had! There's nothing wrong with being a crazy dog lady ;-) I like the sound of that bed...but my dog's so spoiled she already has about 4 beds scattered throughout the house!

Rachel said...

How do you win so much?! I enter SO MANY competitions and never win a thing. Seriously. I wish I had some of your luck!

As for 'The Passage'.... Oh wow!!! that is fantastic :) what a find. It is like the signed book was just sitting there waiting for you.. I am nearly 300 pages in and I am really enjoying it. I hope you like it too!

Carin B. said...

@Dazzling Mage - It really does look interesting. I can't wait to read it. It also has the "rough" ended pages (I'm not sure what to call it--they aren't flush with the cover) which I'm a HUGE fan of. My husband doesn't like it when books are printed that way, but I love them that way.

@leeswammes - I haven't been a very lucky person until now it seems like! I would enter contests and never win. I think the key is to try to enter stuff that won't have many entrants! I've won a few things that way. I am really thankful for the things I've won lately though. It's such a nice surprise!

@Rikki - Scott Lynch is going to be at ArmadilloCon at the end of the month so I'm debating whether or not to go and get my Lies of Locke Lamora signed. It's expensive to go, but Ilona Andrews will be there too. I might try to read the book this month, but we'll see.

@Rachel - hehe...I thought you might want to throw your copy of The Passage at me! It was the most amazing find. I thought all the signed copies would be sold out by now. I'm glad you're liking it. My husband looked at it last night and said, "I think I'm going to have to read this!" He just started Let the Right one In too. Hehe. I guess everyone wants to read it! Oh, and ::high five:: to you for finishing your book buying ban and for keeping me from buying anything last month!

Aisle B said...

You have the Passage! Let me know how you like it since I've heard mix reviews. I have my copy but have put it on hold since it's such a massive read.
Another great loot week so enjoy the read!
Will post my loot tomorrow :)

Leeswammes (Judith) said...

Just wanted to repeat what a great post this is (haha!). No, checking how to leave a comment... But it's still a great post.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Love that dog bed--it is too cute! Tonks would love it :)

Purge looks like a great read! You did have a great day off book ban!

Carin B. said...

@Aisle B - That's really funny because I haven't heard anything bad about it yet other than people are upset they will have to wait for the next one (I didn't realize it was a series). I will definitely try to read it soon!

@leeswammes - Yay! I'm glad the Name/URL works for you. I did sign up for Intense Debate and may switch my comments over to that if I hear some good feedback from others who use it. I want commenting to be easy for everyone. What is wrong with Blogger never making comments easy?!!!

@Felicia - Turbo loves the bed! I highly recommend it if your dogs like beds they can sink into. I also like that the cover is removable and you can wash it. The bed I have now can't be washed unless I throw the whole thing in there. I also like that they use post-consumer recycled fiber fill. I thought it might not be fluffy soft because of it, but it really is! I am pretty sure once Max exits the destructive phase I'll buy him one too. It's worth the money! They also have other beds if your dogs don't like the pod beds.

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

I tried to put myself on a book buying restriction and it lasted about 1 hour. I'm hopeless and there's no reason to think I can change!

Rikki said...

My husband watched the film Let the right one in the other day and said it was the best vampire film ever (and he must know because he knows ALL of them I think).

Oh, btw, I meant to say before, I love your mailbox pics.

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Wow lots of great stuff this week! I love the dog bed.

Scrabblequeen said...

Since I share your views on dogs (as you should know by now) I think winning a dog bed is awesome! May your winning Force remain with you. :-)

Jessica (On a Pale Star) said...

This sounds like a great weekend! A surprise signed book (I love that; had it happen to me last month!), an ARC, winning a dog great for you!

I've been a lurking reader for a little while...hi!

I was given the versatile blogger award, and wanted to pay it forward to you, since I've enjoyed lurking here. I listed a Little Bookish on blog post abt the little award:

Have a great remainder of the weekend!

Wallace said...

Lucky you for sleuthing out a signed copy! I have yet to pick up the book but I eye it everytime I pass it.

I'm going to go look at the options Rikki posted for you right now!

Iris on Books said...

It looks like you got some great books. I hope you enjoy the passage, I don't think it is the kind of book I would enjoy.

Carin B. said...

@Kelli - It was actually kind of fun. I had support from another person who was doing the book buying ban at the same time. I also circumvented the ban by getting some free books! :)

@Rikki - My husband is reading Let the Right One in right now. He really liked the movie too! If it's not too scary I'll read it as well. I may even have to have him read The Passage before me.

@Elizabeth - The dog bed is fantastic! If you have dogs or cats, they would love it! I think they do sell cat beds as well.

@scrabblequeen - Are you on Dogster? If so, let me know and I'll friend request you! It was a great find. Nice to find other crazy pet people!

@Jessica - Ooo...I like that you finally commented if you've been a lurking reader for awhile! I also noticed that your comments are more visible on your blog now! Awesome! Thanks for the award! That is really sweet! Congratulations to you on getting your award too!

@Wallace - It was a super find. I couldn't believe it because they had so many signed copies at the beginning of my book buying ban. I was sure they would all be gone!

@Iris - I am just really curious about The Passage. I also kind of want to read it because the author teaches at Rice University in Houston. I need to read more Texas authors--I have a bad habit of not doing that! said...

Dog people ROCK!

I think that you were completely restrained post your book buying ban. I would have gone nutso. said...

Had to hit send because my furry beast was busy howling at what he caught in the backyard. I will trade you a sock for a slightly dead gopher :)

Carin B. said...

@Gwen - Oh but a gopher is digestible! I know that is kind of gross, but my dog ate a baby bird a few months ago and I didn't worry about it getting stuck in his digestive tract. Needless to say, I was very upset at seeing the poor baby bird feet bouncing around in his mouth while we were trying to get it from him. It made me sad, but dogs are meat eaters so that's nature! I love dog people too, but really I just like people who adore animals. Life is so much more full when you have an animal that snuggles with you (and I have fish too)!

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