In My Mailbox (93) – Special Edition!

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(Sadly, this awesome mushroom mailbox is not my mailbox. I found it on Flickr and is courtesy of Zen)

This is a special Tuesday edition of In My Mailbox. Why Tuesday you ask? It is because I received a super cool package in the mail from Rikki at The Bookkeeper this week and I couldn’t wait until next week to share it with you all. A few weeks ago, Rikki sent out her package for the Book Read ‘Round the World event that I’m hosting and after I saw the pictures, I started drooling over the cool German book bag she bought for Sandie Lee at Imagination Cafe. So, being the wonderful person she is, Rikki said she would send me one too so we decided to swap tote bags! You can see what I bought for her on her special In My Mailbox post.

Schmöker roughly means Chunkster

Rikki ordered a fabric bookmark for me from German Etsy and it reads:
“Lesen statt fernsehen” which means “Read instead of watching TV”

She also sent me a bag with a bunch of famous buildings in Nürnberg on it that is super cute and has a little snap on it. She also sent a reusable grocery bag from dm, a drugstore in Germany. I used Google Translate to translate the phrase on the bag and ended up having to ask Rikki what it said because I got the phrase, “Here I am, I buy a human here.”

 I figured that Germans don’t eat soylent green so I asked Rikki and she said the store had modified a quote from Goethe which reads, “Hier bin ich Mensch, hier darf ich’s sein,” which translated to English is, “Here I am a human, here I may be.” dm took the quote and modified it to, “Hier bin ich Mensch, hier kauf ich ein,” which translated to English is, “Here I am human, here I buy.” (not buy humans of course. Rikki jokingly tweeted, “Better not come here! You might not go back home! lol.”) Hilarious. I love it.

The last thing in the picture was an awesome shopping bag (which wasn’t meant as a gift, but I thought it was cool so I put it in the picture) from a comic book store. I love the monster on it.

I couldn’t resist leaving this out. A friend of mine from Victoria, BC went on a cruise to the Caribbean and I asked her to pick up some Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee for me when they ported in Jamaica. She was nice enough to bring back two pounds for me! I drove to Houston on Saturday to meet her and her friend at the airport and we ate lunch together before they had to board their flight. So nice! I love this coffee too!

Last, but not least, Trish from Love, Laughter and Insanity was giving away some of her old books on her blog and kindly sent me Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer and City of Thieves by David Benioff. I can’t wait to read them. They both look like fantastic books.

I’ve made such wonderful friends over the computer over the years and all of these ladies are awesome. Please check out Rikki’s blog, The Bookkeeper and Trish’s blog, Love, Laughter, and Insanity. Both of their blogs are among my regular reads!


stujallen said...

Somw grwat books ,I loved the benioff when I read it last year bit like a catch 22 for stalingrad ,sad and funny at same time which is really hard to pull off ,oh oh and blue mountain wonderful the best coffee in the world hope you enjoy it ,all the best stu

Scrabblequeen said...

LOL...Great way to get goodies without breaking any pacts! Very cool bags and such.

booksploring said...

Wow...nice mailbox! I can see why you didn't want to wait until the end of the week to share all of this! City of Thieves is really goood...I'm sure you'll love it!

Rachel said...

That is a pretty awesome book bag! :) I love all you lovely book bloggers! How great is this community!

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

City of Thieves looks fabulous - can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

Carin B. said...

@stujallen - I have had these books on my list for quite awhile so I hope I can get to them soon! I hope the Blue Mountain coffee is good too. I'm not sure how long ago it was roasted. I will open it as soon as I finish my Latin American Blend from Stumptown Coffee (which is amazing).

@Scrabblequeen - I love the bags! They are so neat! I mostly liked that I got a REALLY funny German lesson today, but I am learning some German!

@booksploring - Hey you! I have been thinking about the quieter Book Read 'Round the World participants lately. I need to go by and start visiting your blogs more often! How have you been? I keep hearing fabulous things about City of Thieves so I'm excited about it.

@Rachel - I've had a really good time getting to know non-U.S. bloggers. I like learning about other countries and cultures so I'm game for exchanges and stuff like that (although I have to slow down--I've spent quite a bit of money shipping in the last month. I won't stop, but I have to maybe space it out a little better). I am definitely game to send you things if you can't get something. I'm doing a coffee-sewing pattern exchange with one of my FB friends from New Zealand soon! hehehehe I love all of you guys so I like trying to be more open to international exchanges! :)

Carin B. said...

@Coffee and a Book Chick - I'll try to get to it by the end of the year. If I'm not too attached to it I'll pass it on to you if you'd like! :)

Anonymous said...

You and Rikki have both been so nice sending each other presents.

It was fun to follow the exchange over Twitter on what each of you would like to receive and then see the blog posts with pictures when the packages arrived.

What Carin didn't stress is that she sent Rikki some lovely stuff too! See Rikki's blog for that.

It's very enjoyable to watch from the side line! :-)

Wallace said...

"Here I am, I buy a human here"... hahaha! SO glad you have Rikki to translate. That would have been disconcerting! Such fun gifts. :)

agirlreads said...

What a awesome mailbox surprise!

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Carin, yes definitely, let me know if you want to pass my way -- I never turn down a book! :)

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