(Good) Whippet Wednesdays - A Day Late

New Feature! (but on another blog)

A few of my blogging friends on Twitter hear a lot about the terror my dogs create in my life. I tell them it is often the dogs' cuteness that saves them from my stink eye (though not always). They've all convinced me to start a new blog so for those of you that are interested in hearing about my dogs' good and bad deeds, you can start following Max and Turbo's blog called:

So, for my second post (my first one is already on Dogstrosities), I'm doing a (Good) Whippet Wednesday post because they did something VERY cute the other day (oh, worry not...there has been badness since, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt with this "good" post). Here it is:

Turbo was laying next to me on Monday morning and Max decided he wanted in on the snuggle action so he got up and just laid down on top of Turbo. VERY CUTE! Can't you see why I put up with the crazy things they do?!! I think this might be my favorite picture ever now! I may still occasionally put a whippet post on my blog, but for the most part, I will keep my dog posts confined to their own blog. 

I also admit, I'm posting this a day late because I'm going to try Intense Debate for my commenting system. I've seen enough complaints about Blogger's system that I'm going to try it. I'm not going to promise to keep it though. 
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