Blog Award! Happy 101

A few weeks ago, Whitney from She's Too Fond of Books awarded me the Happy 101 Blog Award. I really like this award because it lets everyone who is awarded share 10 things that make them happy. What a nice idea!

Here are 10 things that make me happy:

  1. Route 44 Sonic Unsweetened Ice Tea with extra ice (LOVE Sonic Ice)
  2. Curling up with a good book that sucks me into a different world
  3. Snuggling with my dogs Turbo and Max (and walking them too!)
  4. Laughing about ridiculous things
  5. Reading new messages posted on my favorite Shelfari groups (Anne McCaffrey and All Her Worlds and Fantasy/Science Fiction Book of the Month)
  6. Tabi socks
  7. Listening to music
  8. Reading other people's blogs
  9. Watching a good movie/TV show (currently obsessed with The Pacific, Castle, and Firefly)
  10. Traveling to other countries

I also get to pass this award onto a few blogs! These are blogs I read fairly consistently and really enjoy.
  1. Kristi at Kristi Mingo's Thoughts
  2. Trish at 100 Mile Fitness Challenge (for the months of January - March 2010)
  3. Carin at Caroline Bookbinder
  4. Lori at Escape Between the Pages
  5. Orchid at The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia
I love reading all these blogs on a regular basis! Thanks again to Whitney at She's Too Fond of Books (whose blog I also enjoy reading regularly)!


scrabblequeen said...

Congrats! I share a bunch of your favs...but don't know The Pacific...currently viewing The Legend of The Seeker, disc 1.

Carin said...

@scrabblequeen. I'm watching Legend of the Seeker too. The first few episodes were blah, but after that I really started to enjoy the show. I think I have about 8 episodes left in the first season. The Pacific is the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg WWII mini-series on HBO about the Pacific theater. It is phenomenal so far. I highly recommend it and Band of Brothers--to me, BoB is the best war film of all time!

Orchid said...

Thank you for the lovely award. :)

Carin said...

very cool and thanks! Funny that you like your socks so much - I think I'm going to list my 3" red patent strappy sandals. Kind of the opposite!

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