100 Mile Fitness Challenge

Trish at 100 Mile Fitness Challenge has been running (no pun intended) her quarterly fitness challenge between January and March this year. Recently, she posted a giveaway for the participants of the challenge to help motivate us through our last few weeks of the challenge. I thought that was really great of her and Dana (who is providing the prizes for the giveaway from her Etsy Shop called Words to Sweat By) to have this giveaway because honestly, I really don't enjoy exercising very much even though I ALWAYS feel better when I exercise.

For the giveaway we are supposed to tell people what motivates our exercising and how we can help motivate others. So here it goes:

I am really motivated to exercise when I am held accountable by friends or from the 100 Mile Fitness challenge weekly progress report. I don't want to let them down or quite frankly, I would  be embarrassed to admit that all I did is sit on the couch and read or watch TV all week long while others are working their butts off to be active. I'm also more motivated to exercise when my clothes stop fitting like I want them to, and when my clothes become too baggy and I need to buy new ones! I would like to motivate people to join a fitness challenge because it has been quite a bit of fun to participate in this one. We are all at different fitness levels and everyone is really honest about their successes and failures so I don't feel alone if I only report two or four miles for the week. Lately my tendonitis has come back in my shoulder and I haven't been able to lift any weights for my exercise videos, but I don't feel bad about saying that I have had to take it easy because there are others that are struggling with the same things. It's just nice to know you're not alone! I also feel so much better and energetic when I exercise on a regular basis, and I secretly think in my head that I'm as awesomely fit as the ladies in the video! It's not true at all, but maybe someday I'll get there! Hehehe!

Please check out Dana's Etsy Shop called Words to Sweat By. She makes super cute towels that you can take to the gym with you or just keep by your side when you are doing your exercises at home.  If you are interested in the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge, please visit Trish's blog as well and sign up for the next round. It's really great fun and motivating! I haven't been trying to lose a whole lot of weight, but I've managed to lose five pounds by just exercising (not changing my diet at all). My goal for the next round is to be more consistent about exercising and start to eat a healthier diet so that I'll continue to lose weight.

Do you have any weight loss or fitness goals? What motivates you to become more fit? I'd love to hear your answers because if you know me, you know that I love to sit on the couch all day and eat bad food and watch movies! I am always open to some extra inspiration from you all!


Carin said...

podcasts changed my workout regime (for the better) considerably. I also add in some audio books from time to time, but music just wasn't doing it for me anymore. However while listening to Car Talk, I can walk all day. Finished up an audiobook today while walking 8 miles.

Carin said...

Do you have any audiobooks you can recommend? I still haven't finished the one I started way back in January--not enjoying it so much. What is Car Talk? 8 Miles??? You are super fit! I walked 4 today and felt really proud of myself...hehe

Trish said...

Oh Carin--thank you so much for the post! I'm so glad that you've joined the challenge and I'm thrilled that it had such a positive effect for you. I also like that it's real people doing the challenge with real struggles and real triumphs. You guys have been such a motivator to me--and you can see from my numbers that I'm not the fittest of the fit leading the pack--I'm right there with you guys.

I hope that if there's a round 3 that you'll join again. I've loved seeing this challenge evolve.



Carin said...

@Trish - I actually Tweeted about your challenge to someone! I hope you will run it between April-June. I have had so much fun and it has been so motivating! The only problem is that I hit my 100 miles so I've been totally slack about exercising--I need to be more consistent about exercising!

Carin said...

Car Talk is a weekly show on NPR. You can download the podcast from iTunes every week for free. Yes, it is a radio show about cars but it's not really about cars at all. It's HYSTERICAL.

My all-time favorite audiobooks are David Sedaris's. I think he's actually funnier on audio than in print. And I think Malcolm Gladwell's books are great on audio. But I know you're mostly as a fiction girl. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was terrific. And you probably would like Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (which is a Da Vinci Code knock-off). I prefer NF for audio, so I don't have a ton of recs for you. I walked 10 miles on Saturday! Keep going, you're doing great!

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