Soundtrack Saturdays (7) - The Rowan

Soundtrack Saturday is a new meme hosted at Rating Reads. This is my second week to participate in it! Anyone can participate. Here are the instructions:

  • Take your current read or recently finished book. 
  • Find at least one song that fits the story, characters, whatever.
  • Post the book title and song(s) on your blog with a brief explanation of your picks. Don't forget to mention who started it.
  • Linking/embedding a song or video in your post is not necessary to participate.
  • Head over to Rating Reads and add your post to the Mr. Linky.

Book: The Rowan - Anne McCaffrey
Song: Theme song from Season 2 of The Wire - Tom Waits
Why: The Rowan is about a group of psionics that are steveadores. As I was reading about them docking the cans I immediately thought about Season 2 of HBO's The Wire. I didn't know what a steveadore was before this show, but now I do and it made The Rowan more visual for me because of it! I have to admit that I'm a bigger fan of the Season 1 theme (same song, different artist), but I'm staying true to the story and posting this one.


Orchid said...

Haven't seen the Wire, but I loved The Rowan.

Thanks for participating in Soundtrack Saturday. :)

Carin said...

The Wire is a phenomenal show. If you have Netflix you ought to get it. I haven't posted my review, but I thought The Rowan was just so-so. It had so much promise, but just not enough character/story development for me.

scrabblequeen said...

Interesting concept...finding a song to go with a book! I finished the Rowan nearly a month ago, now I'm cheating and started Damia slightly early. Loving the first few chapters about Afra.

Michelle said...

Hi Carin
I came here via the shameless plugging link on the Ann McCaffrey Shelfari Group. :-)

I love this idea! I have passed it on to all my bookworm blogging friends. I'll definitely be taking part next Saturday.

Michelle said...

Oh crumbs, I forgot!

I love your choice. It fits the theme and the book and I love Tom Waits. Have you heard him sing Chocolate Jesus? I love that song. :-)

Carin said...

I haven't heard much Tom Waits actually. I will look for Chocolate Jesus and give it a listen! I much preferred the first season song from The Wire which was done by the Blind Boys of Alabama though. I'm so glad you're going to participate! I think it's really fun (although not always easy to find a song that fits the book). Just make sure you sign up with the Mr. Linky so other people can find your post too. Also, sometimes they don't post the Mr. Linky until Sunday so make sure you look both days on Rating Reads for it. :)

Michelle said...

Tom Waits is kind of... strange, but he grows on you. Kind of like ugly dogs you just love because they're so ugly.

I've enterred my choice for this Satuday.. hopefully. I must check I put it in the right place. LOL

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