Friday Coffee Chat (12) – Weird Reading Habits

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Are you a weirdo when you read?

Last week we talked about book series that last too long and we all had at least one series that just seemed to drag on forever. Sometimes we marched on through the series even though it no longer had the pull it once did, while other times we got disinterested enough to just toss the series and move on. This week I wanted to talk about something less serious and ask you all, “What are your weird reading habits?” After you are done answering my questions, make sure you head over to Jennifer at Girls Gone Reading’s blog to see what her topic is this week!


We all have them. Some of us can’t sit down without a cup of tea or coffee when we read while others couldn’t fathom having food or drink near their prized books. I have a couple of odd habits while I read. I noticed recently that not all of these habits are good and others really help me get through a book.

One of the oddest habits I have is multiple bookmarking. I am not alone in my weird habit because I’ve actually had this conversation with Amy from Amy Reads. She and I both tend to put multiple bookmarks in our books as a way of benchmarking where we would like to end up or just to give ourselves an idea of where the next chapter starts. I enjoy this. It’s goal oriented, and I’m a fairly goal oriented person. I have something to look forward to when I feel the pages getting thinner and thinner as I turn each one. I also tend to look at how many pages are in every book I read. It is just something I do.


Some not so good habits I have. I tend to twirl my hair while reading A LOT which breaks my hair. I have “baby chicken” hairs all over the place on my head that poke up out of my head. I also have a tendency to touch my face a lot while reading so I break out in pimples! I’m in my 30s! Far to old to be looking like a teenager with pimples all over my face. I must stop! I also *gasp* bite my cheeks while reading. Worst habit ever, but it’s compulsive! It’s such an embarrassing habit. I get scolded by my dad when I am around him. I’m much too old to be scolded by my dad!


So I have some habits I need to change while reading, but others I will hold on to (like drinking water while I read and my bookmarking obsession).  All of this got me thinking, what do other readers do while reading? Are you a compulsive popcorn eater while reading? Do you read the last page in your book? So many questions that could be asked so here I am, asking you to tell me what your strange, embarrassing, good, bad, and ugly habits are.

  • What is your best reading habit? Are you compulsive about spreadsheet stats, bookmarking, putting your book away when not reading, etc?

  • What is your worst reading habit? Do you like to eat desserts or other foods while eating, have coffee or other beverages, bite your nails, or anything else you can think of?

  • What is your most embarrassing habit? Do you like to reading your “library material” in your “library’s porcelain chair” (aka, the toilet), read out loud to yourself, fall asleep often while reading, etc?
I want to know it all! Tell me all about your weirdness!
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