New Poll Posted

70% of the people (seven of you--hehe) answered that you preferred Fiction over Non-Fiction so I decided to post a new poll to break that down into genres. I won't leave the poll up as long this time so be sure to vote!

If you answer "Other," please post a comment here telling me what your favorite genre is! Please also post any books you recommend and ways I can improve my blog!

It looks like some of you are choosing "Other" for your favorite genre of fiction. Be sure to post a comment and tell me what is your favorite genre of fiction!


Kat said...

My favourites are historical, mystery/thriller and horror. The best is when I find a book that is all three!

Carin said...

Kat, you might enjoy City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin. It's about post WWI Germany and the rise of Hitler. It also weaves the Romanovs into it along with a serial killer. It was a pretty good read overall--I've just been lazy and haven't posted my review yet!

Kat said...

Thanks I'll have to keep an eye out for that one!

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