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Last night I got the bright idea to try to update the look of my blog and get a template that was not designed by Blogger. Even they admit it, their "classic" looks are pretty boring. I thought that adding a nice little Christmas theme to my blog would spice it up a bit. The only spice I got for the last 24 hours was the stress it caused!

If you have looked at the blog before, I had some gadgets on the side that are now missing. Yup, those accidentally got deleted! After I finally got my blog set up again and typed in all the books I've read and rated this year (in a post rather than in the sidebar), someone from Shelfari generously told me that my comments weren't working (thank you Passionforthepage). my husband and I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to fix it. Not only did the comments not work on the new template, when I reverted to the old template that Blogger designed the comments still didn't work! He eventually found a site with some HTML code that I was able to insert and *poof*, it magically works now!

So, please enjoy my Christmas theme and make sure you visit Passionforthepage's blog at I really appreciated her input and absolutely LOVE her book blog! It's the most original I've seen!


Kristi said...

Aww... Thanks, Carin. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting Passion for the Page and I hope you come back sometime. I've enjoyed reading A Little Bookish, too, and I'll be back.

I'm sorry your update caused so much stress. But at least all the hard work you and your husband did worked! The comments seem to be working again and you still have your adorable background ;o)!

Carin said...

I'm glad that we were able to figure it out. I looked at the Help section on Blogger and think some other people were having the same problem. I posted the fix on Book Tag so if other people want to use Pyzam templates they'll be able to fix the problem. Thanks again for pointing it out! I do love your blog and am going to do some challenges for 2010. It's a great idea! Can't wait to peruse through more of your posts!

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