Friday Book Blogger Hop - 4/9

Jennifer at Crazy-For-Books started Book Blogger Hop to help people discover old and new book blogs that they didn't know were out there. I myself have gotten a few new followers from people "hopping" over to my blog and I have begun to follow a lot of really fun and interesting blogs out there! It's a great resource to discover new blogs that have reviews of great books!

Her only rules are:
  • Your blog has to have book related content on it, but is not limited to book related content.
  • You need to click on a few other blogger links through the MckLinky posted on her page. It's a weekly event so if you don't have time to click on links to other blogs that day, you can always participate the following week.
Also, if you start following someone on the Hop, make sure you leave them a comment on their blog and let them know you found them through Book Blogger Hop!


ham1299 said...

Hello! I found you through BBH! :-) Your blog is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! :-) I love it!

Violet said...

Hi! Just discovered your blog through the Hop & enjoyed reading through your recent book list. Anne McCaffrey's The White Dragon is one of my husband's favorite books, and I enjoyed the Rowan/Damia series. :) Our blog is The Eager Readers.

Angel said...

Your header is beautiful! Just bouncing through on the hop. Here's ME.

Natalie W said...

Hoppin on in to say Hi! Came across your site via CFB. Beautiful blog !

E.J. Stevens said...

Just hopping by!

I hope you are having a lovely Friday! :)


Dawn Hullender said...

Greeting from the blog hop! I love your layout! So pretty.

Hawk said...

Hop Hop Hop.

Stopping by and checking out your blog.

Looking good!

Happy Reading!

Julie (ASmallAccomplishment) said...

Visiting through the hop. Love your layout! And Anne McCaffrey too. :)

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