Update: Unputdownables 48 Hour Read-a-Thon!

Well, Friday evening was a bit challenging for me. I am taking care of my neighbor's dog for the weekend so I have three dogs in the house. I have whippet so they are skinny and don't weigh much, but they are fairly big dogs and if they were the normal dog shape I would estimate that I have around 180-200 pounds of dog in the house this weekend....and they are ACTIVE! So for three hours last night, they were play fighting "grizzly bear style" and running around outside. I have to watch them to make sure the dynamic is ok and a fight doesn't ensue. So, I didn't get as much reading done as I wanted to, but I still made progress (also note that I am a notoriously slow reader)!

Here are my plans/updates for the weekend:
  • Ample amounts of iced coffee (made fresh by the cup, not the pot by yours truly)
  • Snacks of course (that's a banana nut muffin)
  • Currently Reading: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
    • On page 169 of 260
  • Up Next: The Tricking of Freya by Christina Sunley and second half of Book 4 of Middlemarch by George Eliot

A Little Extra for You!

I also received my bookmarks from iPrint.com this week. Some of you that follow me on Twitter already know that my first attempt to buy bookmarks ended in a bust because I was dumb and failed to check the dimensions. I ended up with a 1" x 3" bookmark which I do actually use for small paperbacks, but isn't practical because you can't really see the print on the bookmark thus ruining any advertising value. After I got my new ones, I was glad I made this mistake because the new ones are simply AWESOME! I love them and highly recommend iPrint.com if you are wanting to get bookmarks for your blog.

The picture isn't the best quality because I used my phone for it, but I can tell you that all the writing is clear and I can definitely read it wall. I also included my bookmark fail just for a laugh (I mean, if you can't laugh at yourself, then life is pretty depressing, right?!!). You may now mercilessly mock me! Hehe!


Bahnree said...

Good luck with your reading! Nice bookmarks. :D

Trish said...

In the car so commenting from phone but here to spread brief cheer.

GO CARIN! R-E-A-D!!! Too bad I don't have access to my readathon vlogs on my phone...they'd definitely perk you up! ;)

Good luck!!

Fiona said...

Good luck! You're probably doing better then me. I'm knackered... and it's all your fault keeping me up in US time zones (all three of them I wouldn't be surprised).

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Sign me up for the iced coffee, banana nut muffin, and George Eliot! I'm in the process of getting a blog makeover done, and then I'll be getting bookmarks, too! Isn't it fun?! Enjoy being the referee with the dogs this weekend -- that's what I do also for my dog and cat!! :)

Vasilly said...

Your bookmarks are beautiful! I'll take an iced coffee! :-D I just put on my second pot of coffee for the morning! You're doing good. Keep it up!

Wallace said...

That breakfast spread looks perfect... can you come over and do that for me??? :)

LOVE the bookmarks! DId you design them yourself or have them do it? Looking forward to receiving one... I'll send one out as soon as I have envelopes (honestly ran out - ah! need to hit the store).

Now I need to go get myself an iced coffee... how do you make yours?

Carin B. said...

@Bahnree and Trish - Thanks for the cheering! I'm definitely going to meet at least part of my goal this weekend! Yay!

@Fiona - You can only blame me a little since I live in Central timezone. Alternately, you could move here so that you have a more normal schedule. :P

@Coffee - Haha...the banana nut muffin is just store bought from HEB's bakery. I have to admit. I love HEB's bakery! Best regular grocery store on the planet. The dogs are really fun for sure, but if I let them, they'd probably destroy the house with their play fighting! If I can, I'll take a short video and post it. They are thankfully sleeping right now.

@Vasilly - Two pots of coffee?!! That's hardcore! Well done!

@Wallace - I'll post an update with how I make my coffee. I'm really disappointed with the beans I bought so I'm trying to go through it as fast as possible. I make it by the cup with boiled water and dripped through a filter (but no hot plate). This coffee is bad so I'm adding flavored creamer, but a lot of times I will just drink it black. Oh, and I always grind my beans fresh. :)

Carin B. said...

@Wallace - I forgot to say that I "stole" the header and then downloaded some cool fonts and just put it together in GIMP. Then I uploaded the image to iPrint.com and wa-la! Instant bookmarks! I only got 50 because I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but the quality is excellent (which I'm sure you know about since you got yours form iPrint too) so I'll be ordering more. I've already given out around 12 of them. Will wait for a sale though. :)

Rikki said...

I love the look of that iced coffee. Good that you were able to make progress in spite of three dogs in the house.
Oh, your bookmarks look fantastic. Are they the regular bookmark shape that stick out on both sides? I can't really tell.

Carin B. said...

@Rikki - The big ones are 2" x 7" (5.1cm x 17.8cm for the sensible people of the world--Why does the U.S. not give up the English system of measurement? Makes life so much harder! :P)

Reese M. said...

That's a great set up - you can send iced coffee over here as well. ;) And your bookmarks are really cool. Maybe I'll look into iPrint after I get around to a slight makeover on my blog...

I'm a notoriously slow reader too, so you are not alone! :)

Happy Reading today! I hope the dogs behave themselves!

Joy Tamsin David said...

Bookmarks for your blog! What a neat idea. Who will you give them to? How do you plan to use them?

Have fun with the Read a Thon. I'm just hoping to get through one or one and a half books this weekend. That's good for me.


Wallace said...

Ok, I will be standing by for the recipe for the iced coffee.

I think the bookmarks are so useful. You could almost use them as business cards (though the business cards are convenient because they are small).

Joy -- I hand them out to whoever asks about my blog (or whoever asks for one). I have given several to people that follow my blog and I have started putting them in the books that I send through my swap site, PaperBack Swap. Will probably do the same when I loan out my personal books so that people remember who to return them to. :)

Carin B. said...

@Reese - I definitely recommend iPrint. They also ship really fast. I ordered and received them in the same week. What are you doing to your blog?

@Joy - I've given them out to my real life book club and sent some with my husband to his family reunion in Utah. I guess his family really liked them too which makes me happy. I'm going to put them in any giveaways I have on my blog (I'm going to have a few) and just carry them around to give out like business cards to readers that I talk to at bookstores and stuff (I'm that person...asking for suggestions when I see someone in an aisle--or I'm dishing suggestions out!).

@Wallace - I'm going to use them more for advertising without having my address and phone number on them (which I do actually have for my business cards).

Carin S. said...

The bookmark fail reminded me of one of the last times I used Amazon. I was living in New York, but coming home to TN for Xmas, but only arriving on 12/24, so I had to ship ahead my presents. I thought ordering them all on Amazon and having them ship to my mother's house was a brilliant idea. Not only did the set of glass coasters I ordered arrived all broken (glass: put bubble wrap between ALL of them, not every other one.) But I also had ordered my sister a colander. When I ordered though, I was confused by the dimensions given: 4 inches. 4 inches what? Radius? Circumference? Height? I found it baffling any way you figured it (I kind of thought the proper dimension for measuring a colander would be the volumne it held, such a 1 quart or a half-gallon.) So you guessed it. It was circumference. You couldn't even rince a whole carton of berries in this colander without having to dump it out and reuse it several times. Looked like a toy. We all had a good laugh and it got shipped back on 12/26. Amazon fail. Never tried that again.

Carin B. said...

@Other Carin - Did you write that as a blog post once? I swear I've read that story before. I wonder if it's happened to other people. I will say that you at least made the effort to figure out what the dimensions were. I mean...that colander would be an excellent way to wash a strawberry! :P

As for me, I just didn't look at the dimensions so the epic fail was all mine. Zazzle's business cards were quite nice and I am happy with the quality (although I will probably order from iPrint from now on because their product was absolutely fantastic!).

Gwen@ChewDigestBooks.com said...

I have been looking for a company that prints real size bookmarks! Had noticed how Zazzle calls it a bookmark, when it really isn't.

Are they on thick cardstock?

Carin B. said...

@Gwen - I can definitely attest to the quality of iPrint's bookmarks. They are 2" x 7" and on 14 pt. glossy cardstock. They came out really beautiful! If you'd like, I can send one in the mail to you. Just e-mail me at littlebookish(at)gmail[dot]com or DM me on Twitter with your address!

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