I am so sorry I haven't been posting lately. I promise I will get back to posting in the next week or so. I've still been reading, but there is this thing on TV that I'm totally addicted to--the Winter Olympics! I love the Olympics! I love all the sportsmanship and camaraderie that the games promote. Most of all I love the excitement of the athletes competing and winning!

Here are my favorite moments of the Games so far:

  • Johnny Spillane winning a silver medal in the Men's Nordic Combined. It was the first nordic skiing medal EVER for the United States! Also, the USA Men's Team in the Team Nordic Combined event won silver as well! Super awesome and exciting!
  • Alexandre Bilodeau winning Canada's first gold medal at an Olympic Games that they hosted. 
  • Aerials freestyle skier, David Morris' reaction after barely missing out on making the men's finals after landing a great jump in aerials freestyle skiing. He was so pumped at just being at the Olympics that he looked like he had just won a gold medal. The crowd went crazy at his enthusiastic reaction. He also dyed his hair yellow and green--awesome country spirit!
I really love Vancouver and Whistler and am so excited that they got to put on the Olympics. Despite the weather not cooperating, I think Canada has done a stellar job. 

If you've been watching the Olympics, what are you favorite moments of the Games so far? How do you think Canada has done putting on this year's Olympics?


Trish said...

I'm so sad the Olympics are over--I thought Canada did a fantastic job as host country, too! I can't think of one moment, but I was really excited when Evan Lysacek won gold for ice skating.

Carin said...

I am sad they are over too! My favorite moments from the second week were:

-The Nighttrain 4-man bobsled from the USA winning gold (first time for the U.S. in 62 years)
-Canada winning gold in men's hockey
-The men's Nordic Combined ski team winning silver and Bob Demong winning gold in the Large Hill Nordic Combined event (4 medals total for the U.S. in nordic skiing)

I have to admit that figure skating is the only thing that I don't like to watch in the Winter Olympics because of all the drama, but I'm happy for Evan Lysacek too. Glad you are an Olympics fan, Trish!

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