Living Dead In Dallas - Charlaine Harris

I decided to start reading the second book of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Series because I have it on my e-book reader and it's easy to read while I dry my hair after I get out of the shower. I have to say that I enjoyed the second book more than the first. I can't tell if it is because the writing/story were better, or I have just gotten used to her style.

In Living Dead in Dallas, Sookie and Bill are recruited by Eric the Vampire to go to Dallas and help the Dallas vampires with a problem they have encountered. One of the vampires in their nest has been abducted and they have no idea what happened to him. Using Sookie's telepath powers they hope to find out what has happened to their friend. This book somewhat coincides with the second season of True Blood (HBO's original series) although there are major differences. However, if you are worried about any spoilers, I'd wait to read this book until the second season is finished (even though I don't know exactly what is going to happen on the show since there is three episodes left).

Overall, the story was more captivating than the first. It might be that I am in the "Team Eric" group and he is in the second book much more than the first. I was also really disappointed that one of the characters in the book has quite a different fate than on the show. I won't give away what happened or who it happened to, but it happens at the beginning and was a huge downer to me.

There is one thing in particular that irritates me about the book. Charlaine Harris is somewhat repetitive in her writing when she mentions Sookie's "gift" or her inability to hear Bill's thoughts. At times I feel like shaking my book and saying, "OK, I get it!!! She has been somewhat of an outcast because of her gift and yes, it's great to not be able to hear Bill's thoughts!" It's somewhat reminiscent of Stephanie Meyer and her obsession with Edward Cullen's beauty in the Twilight books...I know...there's just no other way to say it...he is beautiful!!! I get it! Move on!

I'll definitely keep reading the Southern Vampire series since this book was better than the first and because of my huge love for True Blood. It's just something fun and easy to read to pass the time!
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