The Dark Wind

From time to time, I really enjoy a quick mystery novel. Tony Hillerman's are some of my favorites because he writes about the area I am from. Two days ago I picked up his book The Dark Wind so I'd have something to read at the doctor's office while I got my allergy shots (three hours and eight shots in all...I have to pass the time somehow).

Sitting in the office reading between my shots, I got totally lost in his descriptions of the land and the weather in the area. I have no plans to ever move back to New Mexico, but reading his descriptions of the rain in the summer made me really miss home. I do miss the dry dirt and seeing rain evaporate before it hits the ground. I miss the smell of the rain when it does fall. Nothing like a little Tony Hillerman to give me my desert fix!

The story itself was fun to read. The story takes place mostly in Arizona (but New Mexico is also in it) and is about a plane crash, a vandalized windmill, and a drug deal gone wrong. Jim Chee is alone in this mystery (his other character, Joe Leaphorn wasn't in it) and is caught up in a web of mystery of who has continually been vandalizing a windmill and its link to a plane crash that happened in the area. Although Chee is tribal police and shouldn't be involved in the plane crash investigation because it appears to have been a drug deal gone wrong, he continues to investigate all these crimes.

It was a fun, quick read. I read it in less than 24 hours. Someday I'll get through all Tony Hillerman's books because I think they depict New Mexico pretty well. It gives me just the right dose of mystery and home all in one package!

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