Tanequil: High Druid of Shanarra (Book 2) - Terry Brooks

I picked up the second book of the High Druid of Shanarra trilogy two weeks ago at the library. After getting back from a trip to New Mexico to see my two adorable nieces, I decided to sit down and read it. Tanequil continues the adventure of Pen Ohmsford trying to obtain the darkwand and Grianne Ohmsford (the unseated Ard Rhys of Paranor) stuck in the Forbidding (aka, Jarka Ruus) with demons that have captured her.

The book is not very long and is action packed. The group seeking the darkwand from the Tanequil tree is pursued by none other than the Druids and an unknown assassin trying to get to Pen. In their efforts to escape the Druids, the group flees to a town of Trolls and asks for help. In the Forbidding, Grianne is tested by the leader of the demons and must decide whether to attempt to pass that test or give into her former self and use skills she had as the Ilse Witch.

I think Terry Brooks is quite a fun author to read. His Shanarra books are pretty engrossing and whisks the reader away from their everyday life. I do think that I spaced the first and second book out a little too much. I struggled a bit trying to remember what happened in the first book. Because of this, I decided to go get the third and final installment of the series right away. I am still reading The Omnivore's Dilemma (on the last section) and I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson today. After these two books, I'll read Straken to finish the series. This way, I won't forget so much of the second book!

After this series, I have one more set to read before I've finished the Shanarra series (for now at least). I read that Terry Brooks is planning to write another book on the Shanarra series after he finishes promoting his new Landover book. So, that being said, I will probably be continuing to read the Shanarra books for some time to come!

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