Bitten - Kelley Armstrong

This year I decided to make a concerted effort to read books people recommend to me. Bitten by Kelley Armstrong was suggested to me by a friend who loves the Women of the Otherworld series. The main character is Elena, whose ex-boyfriend bit her and turned her into a werewolf. I wasn't sure what to expect because I think of werewolves in terms of the movie Teen Wolf! No worries about any similarities though. Bitten had a serious plot and serious action! It's a fun read that you can just sit and enjoy.

The book begins with Elena living in Toronto trying to maintain a normal life devoid of the werewolf culture. She has a good job and a loving boyfriend. Life is calm and unexciting for her until she receives a call from her pack alpha leader, Jeremy. The call ends up sending her back to her werewolf home of Stonehaven where she learns that a murder has a occurred. The pack doesn't want to be associated with any involvement in it so they begin to investigate. What ensues is action and intrigue. The pack learns that other werewolves are in town and plan to cause trouble for the pack.

I really liked the flow of the book and the writing. Lately I've been reading books that are truly just books for fun (i.e., Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Series). Armstrong writes with sufficient description and quality that has sometimes been lacking in my reading this year. Don't get me wrong though--I enjoy reading books that are meant to just be enjoyed as a quick read as well. This book just had a little more depth to the writing. It is definitely a series I will continue reading.

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