OT: Trivia Anyone?

I've been a little M.I.A. these last few weeks because I feel like I've become a little bit of a shut-in. So, to combat that, I've been making more of an effort of going out and having fun with friends. I've recently been attending a few Sci-Fi Meetups through Meetup.com and I'm still attending the Thrill Me! Book Club through Meetup.com as well.

Last night, my husband and I went with a friend to Wednesday night quiz night at Waterloo Icehouse in South Austin to get our trivia on! I decided to go ahead and write a post about it since there was a quiz question that had to do with books. Sadly, I only knew one of the answers, but I did end up learning something so I thought I'd share this book trivia question with you all!  Here's the question from last night's bar trivia:

These three books are all first novels. Name the author of each of them:

  1. Soldiers' Pay
  2. The Sun Also Rises
  3. Player Piano
Our team, The J. Walter Weathermen, took first place last night (largely due to all my teammates who were AWESOME). We won a $30 gift card for the Waterloo Icehouse which will be great for us all to have an adult beverage at next week's trivia night! We also got our picture put on the Geeks Who Drink blog! Go check out our picture!

Also, if you know the answers to the question comment on my blog and I'll let you know if you're right (...and no cheating! We couldn't look up the answers on our smartphones so you can't look up the answers either)!


scrabblequeen said...

I would have failed that quiz! I had some tonight and went to an event with Jacqueline Winspear, author of the Maisie Dobbs series. Woot! I got a first edition, signed copy of the newest book. :-)

Carin said...

Oh wow! That is so exciting! Have you posted pictures of it?!!! I am going to run and look on your blog really quick!

leeswammes said...

I just found your blog via the Shelfari PBT group. I'm gonna guess Player Piano is by Kurt Vonnegut. The others, no idea. Sounds fun, a quiz night!

Lydia @ The Literary Lollipop said...

Wow... I don't have a clue. Uh-oh. Should I admit that I don't know any of the answers?

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